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Goal 1: Plans


Every APS student will have:

GOAL 1: A plan for his or her future.

Within 90 days of entering APS, every student will create a plan that includes goals for academic achievement; graduation; extracurricular and volunteer service learning; work experience; and college and/or career.

The student will continue to develop this plan throughout his or her academic career.

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By 2020, 100% of APS students, within 90 days of entering APS, will create plans that include goals for academic achievement; graduation; extracurricular and volunteer service learning; work experience; and college and/or career.

The expected outcomes for Goal 1 are:

  • Increased graduation rates
  • Higher SAT scores

By 2020, within 90 days of entering APS, every student will have a plan for his or her future.

  2014-15   2015-16   2016-17   2017-18   2018-19   2019-20
Grade Level                      
K-2 50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   100%
3-5 25%   40%   55%   70%   85%   100%
6-9 50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   100%
9-14 50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   100%
K-12 Totals 42%   53%   65%   77%   88%   100%

This table displays the percentage of students possessing a plan within 90 days of entering APS.

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What is a student plan in APS?

The Plan referred to in APS 2020 Goal 1 is the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP). The ICAP is a tangible way to represent and reflect the exploration and planning completed during a student’s K-12 experience. It is a multi-year, student-directed process that is built upon each year and follow students throughout their academic experience.

The plan is reviewed and supported by the student’s network of support including parents, teachers, coaches and school counselors at least once per year. ICAPs  take into consideration students’ unique, self-defined interests, needs and goals for shaping successful futures. Other plans that are considered include IEPs, 504s, and READ plans.

Student Plan Highlights


What is an ICAP and how does it help a student's plan for the future?

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icap-toolkitICAP and Student Plan Resources

As part of each P-20 Learning Community, every school has access to a Postsecondary Workforce Readiness support team that works with principals and educators to develop ICAP plans for every student.

A well developed ICAP, based on contextual experiences and authentic self reflection, provide our students the opportunity to explore their passions and structure this exploration into a narrative.”
~ Ron Fay, Rangeview H.S. Principal

Columbia Middle School receives Honorable Mention from CDE for 2015-16 ICAP Innovation Award

columbia-msSteve Hamilton, Principal at Columbia Middle School has just received an “honorable mention” for the CDE 2015-16 ICAP Innovation Award.  Columbia has developed a comprehensive, meaningful approach to student goal setting that involves all teachers supporting students to write multiple goals through technology use.  Instead of a "one and done" approach to goal setting, Columbia has created a google SMART goal document for each core curriculum area that is revisited by students throughout the year.  Additionally, Columbia created an animation to help students understand and embrace SMART goals.

Columbia's "all in" innovative approach has signaled to students and staff the importance of goal-setting and the ICAP process as a whole.  It has associated ICAP with  fun, meaningfulness and self-empowerment.  The google-based SMART goal process is new this year.  Expectations are high for greater engagement, student reflection, and alignment to other career, academic activities and partnerships.   The new process will ultimately make PWR planning a more integral and meaningful part of school culture.

New PictureGoal 1 Educators' Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide guidance and resources to district and school administrators for improving the engagement and application of APS 2020 Goal 1: Every student will have a plan for his or her future. This toolkit offers research-based perspectives that can be modified to fit individual school needs.

The information provided will help staff understand the goals and objectives of Goal 1, including the implementation approach, how to help students engage in the development of their plans, tools used for documentation and sample templates all while accessing the necessary resources available to support the process.








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